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Gift Inspirations

Updated: May 5, 2021

Gift Inspirations for the special ladies in our lives.

What woman doesn’t love to receive jewelry as a Birthday present, Mother’s day gift, or a ‘just because’ sentiment?

Jewelry gifts for women are not in short supply, but if you’re looking for something a little more special then we’ve put together a guide of the perfect FRESH By Fraya jewelry pieces to suit every woman in your life.

Gifts for Mom

There’s nobody who will love you greater than your Mom, she is your person, so doesn’t she deserve the best? We have jewelry gifts for all Moms to celebrate their unique styles, different personalities and to suit all budgets.

Consider the fashion sense of your Mom (and if it’s shoulder pads and permed hair, remember that once was the height of fashion!). Does she love to wear color and express herself through bright, bold outfit choices? If so, you could make her day with a Colorful Heishi bead necklace, a pair of Colorful half hoop earrings, or a Pop of color bracelet. Maybe your Mom is a little more reserved with her style and would prefer a finer, plainer piece of jewelry such as the Gold cable chain necklace, Gold star earrings, or a Gold bracelet.

Top Tip - A Bracelet Single is always a good starting point, as you can add to it with a further bracelet, gradually creating your own stacking set over the occasions in a way that’s both sentimental and affordable.

Gifts for Your Love

When it comes to a partner, significant other, or spouse, jewelry is always a safe bet! The monetary value of a jewelry gift isn’t the most important factor, it is what the gift represents. Traditionally, a heart necklace is given to our loved ones. With the heart itself being the core of our anatomy; pumping blood around the entire body and keeping a person alive, when a jewelry heart piece is given in a romantic sense you are offering a part of yourself along with it. When you give your loved one a heart-inspired jewelry piece, you’re also giving them a bit of your heart. When it is worn, your special someone will be reminded of the love you both share.

Top Tip - Make your gift a little more special by opting for gift wrap!

Gifts for Sisters, Friends & Colleagues

Although we can be

extremely fond of the other females in our lives, a colleague may find a love heart necklace a little much at the office Christmas present swap... You can still express feelings and sentiment through jewelry, however. A simple Custom word bracelet in the recipient’s favorite colors with a motivational message, or wording of your choosing, shows great thought has gone into this unique, bespoke jewelry gift. If your sister, friend, or colleague regularly makes you smile or has a sunny disposition, why not consider the Happy to see you bracelet, this 14k gold plated bracelet with smiley-faced charm is sure to be well received.

Top Tip - You can never go wrong with a Gift Certificate to allow the person to choose their own jewelry at FRESH by Fraya if you’re still unsure - all certificates come with free shipping and can be for your individually specified amount.

Gifts, just because…

Show solidarity, supp

ort, and encouragement by presenting your loved one with a bespoke jewelry gift from our Niche Collection. Maybe the recipient has had a particularly tough experience, they could be going through a hard time or perhaps they’re celebrating an achievement such as sobriety. You can find some beautiful pieces in this selection or even Customize your own jewelry to say the exact message you want to get across.

Top Tip - If you don’t see the perfect piece in this collection, you can request a completely bespoke design by Contacting Fraya who loves to accommodate custom orders!

5 Tips to Give Jewelry Gifts The Right Way

You may be thinking is there a wrong way to give jewelry as a gift, and although it can’t be considered wrong - there are some ways in which it can be completely right. Here are our top five tips to give jew

elry the right way…

Tip Number 1 - Add a card

Although you may think that the recipient will know exactly why you’ve chosen the jewelry piece for them, number one they may not, and number two a card can create a connection between the jewelry meaning, the recipient, and yourself. For example, writing ‘I am sending this as a symbol of our love and unity’ makes the jewelry piece a little more meaningful. You could also make it more powerful and timeless, for example, ‘May this be a token of my pride, understanding, and support for your journey’. Or a simple ‘Proud of you’ can mean so much.

You can add a mean

ingful card to any order at FRESH by Fraya with all special messages catered to. Your gift and card can be sent directly to the recipient with a personalized note included.

Tip Number 2 - Do your research

What kind of jewelry does the person wear? Are they a bold, fun earring wearer or do they prefer more understated necklaces? Do they always wear a certain metal or color? Could a piece of jewelry mean something specifically for them, or a shared memory for the two of you, such as Wild Beauty, Zen Life, or Times Square?

Tip 3 - Plan early

Especially for Custom pieces, it’s important to plan well before the occasion. It may be that you’re not happy with the photograph of the piece before it’s sent and request amendments, all of this adds time to delivery. To avoid any disappointment you should always order in advance.

Tip 4 - Explain your gift

Although the add-on of a card is special, don’t rely just on this for the recipient to understand the choice you made. Explain to them why you chose the specific design, what it means to you and what you’re wanting it to represent, especially if it has a deeper meaning behind it.

Tip 4 - Talk to Fraya

If you’re really stuck on

what jewelry item to buy, send a request to Fraya whose passion for jewelry combined with wanting to put a smile on people’s faces will ensure she can help to come up with a suitable choice.

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