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How to wear Statement Jewelry

Updated: May 5, 2021

Statement jewelry has been a part of fashion for longer than we think. Some very early statement pieces date back to the Ancient Egyptians (who loved their chokers, necklaces, and bangles) and the Romans (who favored rings). It was Coco Chanel who really brought statement jewelry back, in the 1920s, and the elaborate pieces of jewelry have never really been off-trend since. Today's statement jewelry is bold, big, and captures many elements from previous decades - and even centuries. Modern women often opt for statement jewelry that incorporates the glitz and glam of the early 20th century, with the vibrant colors and materials of the freedom-loving ’60s. What is loved most about statement jewelry is its eternal ability to make heads turn and the fact it can bling up any outfit and with its incredible versatility.

If you think you can’t wear statement pieces, you’re not giving yourself a chance. There’s a beautiful, stunning piece of statement jewelry to suit every style, every budget, and every woman. Read on to find out a little more about statement jewelry and discover your perfect item at FRESH by Fraya.

The Golden Rules of Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is enough to make an outfit, but there are some things to consider when choosing your jewelry for an occasion, and these are:

Consider the focal point

This is a good place to start. Your one item of statement jewelry can be the focal point of any other accessories.

The item of jewelry you choose is going to draw eyes in, so if you’re in between manicures a large costume ring may not be the best idea, but if you’ve just had your hair done then go for statement earrings! Whether you opt for an eye-catching necklace, interesting bracelet, stunning earrings, or a stacking set you can then plan and coordinate the color, neckline, sleeve length, and material of your outfit accordingly. If you select well, the jewelry will be the focal point of the whole look and a great talking point or ice breaker for those awkward gatherings!

Your fashion style

If you’re unsure of how to wear statement jewelry with your everyday style there are a few little hints that’ll work for all.

For those who like to wear sleeveless blouses or tees, stacking sets work beautifully to dress the bare arm and compliment the color of the outfit for a completely stylish look. Those who like v-necks, off-the-shoulder, and scooped necklines can really upgrade their style with an interesting shorter necklace or choker.


Bright, bold, and vibrant colors aren’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid statement jewelry. Darker, plain colors and even black jewelry, when designed well, can be the perfect statement piece - that’ll go with almost every outfit. The rule of thumb is to not go all out with colors for both the jewelry and the outfit - one or the other.

A beautiful, colorful and vibrant outfit calls for a lower keyed statement piece, such as wooden earrings or a lower keyed statement necklace - and remember, you can never go wrong with a plain gold piece. If your outfit is plain then you can really go to town on your statement jewelry!

Maybe you don’t want to choose between a colorful outfit or a colorful piece of jewelry and as long as you select well, you don’t have to. To wear complete color, choose one color from your outfit - or outfit pattern - and select a pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet that incorporate it - for example, these fangirl earrings will complement a black, gray, or brown outfit perfectly. These watermelon earrings will do the same for a pink, turquoise, or light blue outfit.

Advice for the different types of statement jewelry

If you’re getting bored of your old clothes and considering updating your wardrobe, a statement piece of jewelry can breathe a whole new life into your well-worn, pre-loved garments and make them fresh, current, and fashionable again.

To begin with, we’re going to focus on necklaces.

It’s the star

The statement necklace is the star of your outfit. They’re designed to add visual interest to your clothes and command attention from the eyes of others. To wear a statement necklace well, the rest of the jewelry needs to be understated to reduce accessory overload and a look that’s just too busy. Choose a pair of simple studs or thin bracelets to let your necklace make the real statement.

The wow-factor

If you’re due to attend a special event or fancy dinner party where you want to stand out, a statement necklace can add the necessary wow-factor for any formal occasion. When planning on wearing a statement necklace with an evening dress, why not consider the pairing of the little black dress with something colorful and chunky, or something with beads, pearls, or diamonds for a floor-length formal dress?

Make the basic tee interesting

A plain, basic t-shirt is amazingly versatile - pairing well with bright shoes, patterned skirts, and warm knits to create an abundance of different outfits. Statement necklaces can also be the perfect match to a basic top, with the top being a blank canvas allowing the beauty of the jewelry to really be broadcasted.

Brighten the black

Black is fabulously versatile. Depending on how it’s worn, black can be the foundation of any different style. Adding a statement necklace to a plain black outfit makes for an instant pop of color that can instantly create a style that’s elegant, edgy, glamorous, or super chic.

Now, let’s look at earrings

The quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to modernize any outfit is with the right pair of earrings.

Choose earrings that match the shape of your face

When chosen well, earrings can enhance your finer features and add personality and color to any outfit. Women with oval and narrow faces can get away with almost every earring style but to accentuate the narrowing of the lower part of face, a pair of dangle earrings provide a really striking look. For those with rounder faces, a pair of geometric earrings are a highly flattering choice. Long earrings with curves, lines or circles are perfect for those with heart shaped faces to draw attention to the cheekbones, eyes and jawline. Square faces are perfectly flattered with hooped earrings.

Hair length and color

Lighter hair, like blond or golden locks is the perfect backdrop for a pair of gold earrings. Darker haired women are more flattered with platinum and silver earrings and for those with red or auburn hair, a pair of rose gold or copper plated earrings would provide a stunning look.

When you put thought into your statement jewelry and plan your outfit with care, you can truly look your best whether you’re hosting a major meeting or walking down the aisles of the grocery store, it can all be done in style.

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