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Timeless Jewelry That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Imagine you need to get ready for the day and are lacking the motivation or time to put together an outfit that is perfectly styled. Instead of reluctantly searching for inspiration in your closet or wardrobe, you turn to your jewelry box, the contents of which can instantly upgrade the simplest of outfit ensembles. This is why it is important to have a stocked collection of the following timeless jewelry pieces that’ll never let you down or go out of fashion...

The Gold Earrings

An item of jewelry that can be worn every day and add instant glamour to any outfit are the gold earrings. Subtle, yet elegant, a pair of gold earrings will go with everything and are a perfect choice when you’re wanting to upgrade your look without putting too much planning into styling. Earrings, throughout the centuries, have been a symbol of identification and sign of womanhood. The earlobe itself associated with social status and financial stability. No outfit is finished without a set of beautiful earrings.

Who can wear gold earrings well?

Gold earrings suit every skin tone, hair color, and eyeshade. Yellow gold is particularly suited to warmer skin tones and pairs well with earthy stones and gems colored in yellow, orange, black, brown, green, and turquoise. White and silver gold looks great with cooler skin tones and pairs well with more vibrant gems and stones in deep reds, blues, purples, and pinks.

Gold earrings with pops of color to accentuate and bring out the eye color will never lose their appeal. Different colors will complement different eye colors, and they are:

Brown eyes - to bring out the warmth of brown eyes, go for a pair of gold earrings that include a splash of blue, teal, brown, green, or purple.

Blue eyes - blue eyes can look even more striking when paired with gold earrings that have a hint of blue, yellow, white, and gray.

Hazel eyes - a stunning eye color that is really brought out with pink, green and purple

Green eyes - the rarest eye color in the world deserves to be showcased and this can be done with hints of purple and green.

Thin, single bracelet

Dainty Silver and gold bracelets are very much a hit at the moment but they’re certainly not a fad statement. The fad with bracelets is how they’re stacked - stacking bracelets have a rich, long history with cultural variations, for example, the number of bracelets worn. The stacking bracelets really hit mainstream fashion in the ‘90’s thanks to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and almost all other female pop singers of the time. While the fashion has stayed strong, the real staple point for guaranteed timeless fashion is the single bracelet.

Choosing the right bracelet

A day-to-day bracelet is best in a single color, such as gold or silver, to ensure it matches every outfit while adding a touch of style. If you regularly wear color, possibly a uniform, or have a distinctive hair color, you could still be safe with a bracelet for daily wear that has a hint of this color - whether it be; black, blue, or multicolored! For a statement piece, all that matters really is what you like! Safer color choices will undoubtedly match with more outfit choices, but if you were born to stand out then why not be bold and choose something like the class and sass bracelet at FRESH by Fraya, with so many colors you’d be hard pushed to find an outfit that looks wrong with this item.

Statement earrings

Plain gold earrings have their place, as do tiny studs, but sometimes life calls for a pair of in-your-face earrings to make a major statement. The greatest thing about statement earrings is they can bring the wow-factor whether you’ve worn them 400 times already. Stick to statement earrings that are fundamentally gold, silver, crystal, pearl, or diamond to guarantee they have lasting power for years to come.

Quick tips for choosing and wearing statement earrings

1. For you to want to wear the statement earrings, again and again, they need to be comfortable and lightweight. Faux leather and acrylic are good choices.

2. Don’t go too all out on size, you want the statement earrings to align with your daily aesthetic which means choosing something that isn’t too oversized, bold, or extra blingy. Something like gold and black teardrops will work with a multitude of outfits.

3. A pair of gold statement earrings will work with anything!

The Gold Chain

The gold chain is a must-have jewelry piece, whether it is a more understated yet stunning design to be worn every day, or a more fancy, detailed necklace for special events, what is important is that it is gold. Gold necklaces have been a sign of affluence and beauty for thousands of years and that has never really changed. A gold chain can really make an outfit transform from casual to special in an instant.

Bring out the best in your outfit

A statement necklace can reinvent any outfit but works best when you’re wearing solid-colored clothing. You can match a statement necklace to a simple t-shirt and jeans for a dressier look, or wear statement beads to make a work outfit stylish and chic. If you have no time to change after the office for after-work drinks, putting on a vibrant stylish statement necklace will instantly turn your outfit from day to evening wear.

FRESH By Fraya

So now you know the jewelry pieces every dressing table needs, the next thing to do is find your perfect pieces at FRESH by Fraya. With a large range of colors, designs, materials, and metals you can be sure to find your perfect go-to jewelry piece at a highly affordable price. What’s more is if you have an idea in mind for a timeless jewelry piece you don’t see here, talk to Fraya who loves a challenge when it comes to designing bespoke jewelry for clients.

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