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The latest Jewelry trend, permanent jewelry is custom designed by you, custom fit to your wrist and welded shut so it stays on forever (or as long as you want it). 

Permanent Jewelry - Terms & Conditions – · Every piece of jewelry is custom fit and personalized to each customer, therefore, all purchases are final sale and no refunds or replacements are offered. · Every piece of jewelry undergoes a thorough inspection process after each weld to ensure proper installation and satisfactory results before the appointment is over. If my jewelry breaks at the weld site, it can be rewelded at no charge for a full year, if the jewelry itself is still in good condition. After that, there will be a $10 fee to have jewelry rewelded. · If you need to remove my jewelry for any reason whatsoever, you can do so by using jewelry snips or sharp nail clippers AT THE WELD SITE and will be able to have it rewelded at a later date. · Although it is called “Permanent” Jewelry, no jewelry is indestructible. It is your responsibility to care for your jewelry and accept fault for any damage that may occur.

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