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Personalizing Jewelry...

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Personalizing is not just for stationary, wedding gifts, plaques, money clips and whatever else they sell at the personalization store in the mall anymore. Now you can personalize everything from jewelry, clothing, water bottles, your shoes, your car, you name it! It is all the rage right now. and I personally (see what I did there) LOVE IT!! This trend continues to build in popularity and is here to stay.

One way to personalize jewelry is with charms or colors. The other is with words, numbers or symbols. I have been asked many of times, what should I put on my piece? This is a question that I do not have the answer to. It all depends on the occasion, the recipient, the purpose and most of all, you. I am always amazed at some of the unique, fun and creative things people come up with and I very often think, why didn't I think of that? For this reason, I have started a list below of not only some ideas of what to put on your personalized piece but also reasons and occasions to give a personalized piece.

My list is just the beginning and what I managed to think up in the last few minutes. I love collaborating and sharing ideas so I would love for you all to share your ideas for these or photos of what you have done. After all a good idea deserves to be shared. Lets keep this list going.


Favorite hashtags

Your lucky number

Childs jersey number or team name

Favorite sports team

Your jersey number or team name

Birthdate of your child or someone special


An important date you want to remember

Sobriety date

Your name

Name of spouse, child or significant other

Besties/bestfriends/bff .. you get the gist

Favorite sports team

Any word that inspires, motivates you or just makes you smile

Your favorite word

Favorite food/drink (wine, pizza, sugar, caffeine)

Pets name

A reminder to yourself (breathe)

Phrase or saying (can be split up onto multiple bracelets)

Thank you



Fun phrases

Zip codes

Something that you relate to (coffee, wine, working out)

A word that defines you (amazing, beautiful, positive, brave, strong)





Sports Teams

Book Club

Wine Group

Your squad

Just because

Holidays – show your Holiday spirit or give as Holiday gifts

Thank you - to anyone for any reason

Teacher’s Gifts

Coworkers Gifts

Gift to employees

Teamwork/Unity - Gift your team (workout group, sales team, etc.)



A gift of support (sobriety, weight loss, grief)

A reminder to someone (thinking of you, miss you, you are awesome, strong, brave)

Support (you got this, stay strong)

A gift to an Essential worker to show your support

Friendship of any kind

Events or parties (themed bracelets)

Party gifts

Hostess Gifts

Birth of a child (childs name or birthdate)

Expecting a child (mam, due date, boy/girl)

New mom (mama, childs name, birthdate)

Motivation (persevere, determination, strength)

Faith (hope, grace, believe, WWJD)

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